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Andrea Marie Ringer was the firstborn to Darold and Shari (Northup) Ringer. She says: I live in a little 'ol town by the name of Zillah. We are little but on the map! In Washington State. Where we are currently renting a house in the middle of an orchard! We used to live in a little town about an hour and a half away from Spokane, Washington. We got flooded out and so we moved here! The way I am related to this family is through my grandpa. His name is Jim Northup. I'm not sure where he lives now I saw him about 4 months ago though. Here I will go ahead and desribe myself a little. I am 15 and a half! I just went and got my permit! That's why I had to clearify the half part! My birthdate is March 27, 1983. I have naturally Blonde hair but as of now it is red! I stand 5' 8'' tall and weigh about 120 lbs., and I have hazel eyes! I have only one brother (thank goodness!), but if ya where ta ask me.....UGH...i'll hafta just say it...."YES I do love him!". There I said it! Ya happy?!=) I sure hope so! Cuz I'm not gonna say it again!=) Alright alright "I REALLY AND TRUELY LOVE HIM!". He is nine years old and was born in Janurary, on the 10th. He's a pain sometimes but I spoil him rotten anyway!

Andrea Marie Ringer married Gregory William Webb, Jr. on 18 August, 2002 in Tacoma, Washington. They have one child; Jared Webb

Andrea Marie Ringer's Homepage

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Children of Greg Webb and Andrea Ringer

Jared Webb b. March 2003
Brandon Webb B. October 11, 2004
Jared Baby Pic (With Gramaw)
Baby Brandon